Basketball Tournament: Peabody vs Dracut

The Peabody Rivervalley Girls Basketball team had a heartbreaking loss today. The team lost 18 to 16, in the 1 minute of overtime that was allowed. Dracut capitalized on a missed foul shot rebound and had a player in position, ready to score, uncontested. Well played by the well-matched up teams. Peabody ends the season […]

2021 February Basketball: Peabody vs Haverhill (Game 2)

Great job Peabody River Valley Basketball Team girls, on your 17 to 12 win, finishing the regular basketball season undefeated! Congratulations on a job well done to the girls and their coach, despite COVID19 setbacks. So thankful these girls got to play. On to the playoffs!

2021 February Basketball: Peabody vs Wakefield

Peabody River Valley Basketball team had the closest game on the season: finishing the game just 1 point ahead, with a final score of 13 to 12. They are heading in their final game next Sunday, still undefeated. Good luck girls! Having just switched to electronic shutter on my Canon EOS R5, I also nearly […]

2021 February Basketball: Peabody vs Dracut

The Peabody River Valley girls are advancing, undefeated still. The team is 6 wins and 0 losses in the 2021 season! What an amazing comeback today, from a 0 to 6 deficit, to change the tide late in the first half of the game and make it a 6 to 6 game by the first […]

2021 January Basketball: Peabody vs Haverhill (Game 2)

The Peabody River Valley team girls did amazing today, which was the 3rd time they played as a team. Last week, they beat Haverhill 14 to 13, just by 1 point. This time, the girls won 27 to 18. I’m proud of my daughter Ava, who had 2 baskets, one of them a 3-pointer. Also, her […]

2021 January Basketball: Peabody vs Haverhill

With Peabody regularly scheduled game against Wakefield cancelled, the girls had an opportunity to get an extra game, against Haverhill. They played well, still lots of penalties indicate the girls are learning the rules and making adjustments. This was a fun game to watch for sure.