2021 January Futsal: Northfields vs Wolves Heroes

Ava & The Northfields United, today had an incredible game. The girls beat the competitive, Wolves Heroes team, 4 to 1. Ava was the keeper for both halves, letting only 1 goal in. She had some amazing saves, including a penalty shot. The team overall played really well, defensively, offensively. This was an awesome game […]

2021 January Basketball: Peabody vs Haverhill (Game 2)

The Peabody River Valley team¬†girls did amazing today, which was the 3rd time they played as a team. Last week, they beat Haverhill 14 to 13, just by 1 point. This time, the girls won 27 to 18. I’m proud of my daughter Ava, who had 2 baskets, one of them a 3-pointer. Also, her […]

2021 January Futsal: Northfields vs Wolves

This was the first futsal game of the season for Ava, with a new team for her, The Northfields United Girls 2007/2008 team. The team faced off a very tough Futsal Club Team, the Wolves White Fangs 2007 team. Ava’s got some adjustments to do for sure, the biggest of which is to adapt to […]

2021 January Basketball: Peabody vs Haverhill

With Peabody regularly scheduled game against Wakefield cancelled, the girls had an opportunity to get an extra game, against Haverhill. They played well, still lots of penalties indicate the girls are learning the rules and making adjustments. This was a fun game to watch for sure.

2021 January Basketball: Peabody Opener vs Dracut

The season-opening game for the Peabody River Valley basketball girls ended up as a victory. These girls ended up winning by just 1 point against a tough team. It could have been anybody’s game, just 1 to 2 minutes before the end, the Dracut girls team was in the lead. COVID, unfortunately, made it impossible […]